Surgical Lights

no drilling necessary iconThe innovative FlexeLux surgical lights set a new benchmark for major and minor surgery OR´s. Their characteristic design is a fine example of form meeting function for the betterment of the OR environment.

Green Technology

Uncompromising energy and heat management

When it comes to LED lighting, heat management is at the heart of addressing longevity and long-term reliability issues. For this reason, dedicated engineering focusing on energy efficiency has resulted in extremely low power consumption in the FlexeLux LED lights. Besides economical benefits, this technology generates less heat, and by doing so increases the longevity of LED´s.

Value with green technology:

With advanced optical performance and assured longevity thanks to their low heat, the FlexeLux LED lights present an undeniable value offering. Their LED components have a life expectancy of 50 times that of halogen bulbs, while reducing energy consumption by at least 70%.

Last but not least, all FlexeLux lights are composed of over 90% of recyclable aluminum.

FlexeLux 6
FlexeLux Major
FlexeLux Major (TCE)
Surgery Lights
with Tissue Contrast
FlexeLux 9