Room Types: Operating Room

Clinical Care Area: OR

iBox Backbone

Dedicated easy-access service positions on the iBox backbone improve clinical and biomed accessibility / cable management. (Read more...") backbone

FlexeSpace Modular OR

All wall-mounted elements can be recessed in order to remove problematic items from the clean OR space, such as wall-mounted monitors. (Read more...)

FlexePort Boom

Brake drive gas is no longer a necessity. The FlexePort 500 boom is equipped with electromagnetic brakes. (Read more...)

FlexeLux Surgical Light

With advanced optical performance and assured longevity thanks to their low heat, the FlexeLux LED lights present an undeniable value offering. (Read more...)

FlexePort Boom

The iBox design creates distinct work zones; services are separated from quick-access work tools.(Read More...")

FlexeLux Surgical Light

FlexeLux surgical lights offer perfectly homogenous shadow-free depth illumination. (Read more...)

FlexeSpace Modular OR

The FlexeSpace prefabricated modular system is designed purposely for the construction of healthcare interiors, surpassing current infection-control requirements. (Read more...)

FlexeSpace Modular OR

Comparing the life-cycle cost of conventional versus FlexeSpace construction, the return on investment is undeniable: the FlexeSpace System is a profitable investment. (Read more...)

FlexePort Monitor Carrier

Versatile monitor carrier system; compatible with all OR integration systems. (Read more...)

Today's complex OR's are more than ever in need of functional workspaces. From sophisticated Hybrid OR's to Day Surgery, Medicana has the right booms and surgical lights for every application.

Since practices can be different from hospital to hospital, Medicana's approach is to customize solutions for maximum clinical functionality. In the OR this is achieved with a procedure-focused strategy. This approach allows OR's to make effective use of their space and resources.

FlexePort Booms:

Whatever the application may be, Medicana's FlexePort booms deliver the flexibility and versatility that are needed for the job at hand.

Anesthesia booms are typically equipped for demanding service requirements (medical gases, data, electrical), for both present and future needs, and can also be equipped with docking or height-adjustability as needed. Surgical booms have the capacity to carry all surgical equipment, computers, monitors and all devices necessary to allow this boom to play its crucial role with the surgical team. Perfusion and other dedicated booms are custom-configured for their specialized task, and may even be equipped with special features depending on their function.

FlexePort Monitor Carriers

Medicana's FlexePort monitor carriers have a versatile range of options for every surgical application. They can be either stand-alone or configured with surgical lights and booms. Of course, their functionality is critically dependent on perfect positioning for all procedures. With over 4,000 rooms equipped with FlexePort booms and FlexeLux lights, Medicana's team has experienced and knowledgeable consultants to guide the placement of monitors, booms and lights for any OR project.

FlexeLux Surgical lights

When it comes to LED lighting, heat management is at the heart of addressing longevity and long-term reliability. For this reason, dedicated engineering focusing on energy efficiency has resulted in extremely low power consumption in the FlexeLux LED lights. Besides economical benefits, this technology generates less heat, and by doing so increases the longevity of LED's.

Value with green technology:

With advanced optical performance and assured longevity thanks to their low heat, the FlexeeLux LED lights present an undeniable value offering. Their LED components have a life expectancy of 50 times that of halogen bulbs, while reducing energy consumption by at least 70%.

FlexeSpace Modular OR System

The rigorous standards of infection-control are commonly broken during healthcare construction, even in sensitive OR settings. One can prevent the near-catastrophic effects of construction work in live OR's by using Medicana's FlexeSpace Modular OR System which uses wall panels that can be installed/dismantled/reinstalled cleanly and quickly, compared to conventional walls that must be demolished/rebuilt/painted/etc.

The FlexeSpace Modular OR System is designed purposely for the construction of healthcare interiors, surpassing current infection-control requirements. This innovative product has a unique clean space look and offers extreme flexibility, with modular walls and built-ins such as recessed wall monitors. The design of the FlexeSpace System ensures that the same basic modular structure can be clad with all types of finishing panels.