FlexePort 90 Medium-Duty Boom

 The classic FlexePort 90 boom offers flexibility and functionality, motorized height-adjustability, medium carrying capacity, smooth movement, and an ample cross-section for most clinical applications.

Flexibility and Functionality

Combined with the versatile iBox equipment manager, the FlexePort 90 is a model of functionality. It can be easily configured for operating rooms (OR's), intensive care units (ICU's) and other critical care areas, thus making the FlexePort 90 a flexible boom for all clinical applications. Its design allows for the separation of services and work tools in order to create functional work zones that are optimized for each end-user. This enhances efforts to reduce clutter and improves workspace efficiency.

The iBox equipment manager is equipped with 4 highly functional integrated rails with the capacity to carry monitor arms (compatible with GCX, Ergotron, etc.), IV poles, shelves, drawers, storage baskets and the FlexePort IV pump transfer system.

Compact and Effective

Caregivers need quick and easy access to services in order to be effective. This starts with a design reducing size and making services easy to reach without strain. The iBox equipment manager has a compact footprint, making services and work tools easy to reach. Thanks to its recessed backbone design, it maintains this reduced footprint even when equipped with shelves. The curved panel design of the iBox allows improved accessibility to services and devices (flowmeters, suction regulators, etc.) by avoiding interferences between devices while still maintaining a small format.



  • 20" backbone with narrow and GCX-compatible vertical tracks. With 3 service positions.
  • 40" backbone with narrow and GCX-compatible vertical tracks. With 7 service positions.
  • 20" x 20" shelf
  • Single IV pole
  • Triple IV pole
  • IV pole transfer system
  • Monitor arm
  • Keyboard tray
  • Additional rails
  • Suction canister bottle slide (single/double/triple)
  • Catheter dispenser
  • Tape dispenser
  • Patient chart holder
  • Light / lamp bracket
  • Sharps container bracket
  • Telephone bracket
  • Glove box holder (single/double/triple)
  • Sterile bottle holder
  • Sphygmomanometer bracket
  • Otoscope bracket
  • Ophthalmoscope bracket
  • Thermometer bracket
  • Endoscopy camera bracket
  • Shaver bracket
  • Resuscitator bracket
  • Humidifier bracket
  • Computer / CPU bracket
  • Directional adapters
  • Swivel baskets (alternative to drawers)
  • Storage baskets
  • Cylinder / tank bracket
  • Cable management accessories
  • The classic FlexePort 90's high capacity for services and payloads meets the requirements of most OR's, Intensive Care Units and Emergency environments. Since practices can be different from hospital to hospital, Medicana's approach is to customize solutions for maximum clinical productivity. The variable-height feature of the FlexePort 90 is appreciated by caregivers for its adaptability to their work space.
 The essence of healthcare ergonomics is functionality. The FlexePort 90 brings functionality to a new level:
  • The concepts of easy access and clutter management have been rethought with the iBox, Medicana's 3rd generation equipment manager. By creating distinct work zones, services are separated from quick-access work tools.
  • Efficiency is improved thanks to the curved panel design of the iBox, decreasing interference between devices
  • Ease of use: Medicana's innovative directional adapters allow for easy positioning and quick relocating of rail-mounted accessories to create an adaptable cockpit effect.
Value and performance:
  • The throat size of the FlexePort 90 is appreciated by OR and ICU planners for providing an efficient solution for current requirements
  • Classic pneumatic brake technology has a proven track record
  • Saving valuable space: Caregivers benefit from more functional space on a daily basis. Thanks to recessed shelving on the iBox equipment manager, the equipment's footprint is reduced.
  • o Unique design focused on strain prevention reduces the risk of work-related injuries by making services easy to reach without strain. By placing all services and accessories in a "sweet spot", this unique design prevents repeated stooping and over-reaching by clinical staff.
  • Caregiver and patient safety are key factors to consider during patient transport. The FlexePort IV pole transfer system is the safest way to transfer complex IV pump configurations without the need for staff to carry, transfer or lift heavy IV pumps.
  • Optional night light feature for ICU